Past, Present, Tomorrow

12 Sep 2013 --- Young woman in field walking away --- Image by © Manuela Larissegger/Corbis

Image by © Manuela Larissegger/Corbis

We embraced in love
Enriching each other
Sharing our season
Fondly I think of what was
Closing my eyes I see you
The movement when you walked away
My eyes smiled looking
And when you looked at me
My breathing was deeper
How you touched me
Like I was electrified
The fragrance and fountain of your
passion I received
Given by you freely
Mind glides back and recalls the past-ours
In the place of now
Our lives have moved on
Surrounded by the present-people, places and things
Connection now broken
Daily silence, now voices of friendship
The pain-separation put in the past
A new joy is found-I am happy for you in this
We have grown into tomorrow
Accepting each other in the realness where we now
find ourselves
We will always have before-something we always
But tomorrow has own our vision and foresight to grow
and change our hearts

© Nolan. P. Holloway Jr.

Excerpt from his book “Journey To The Poetic Light”

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Photo Credit: © Manuela Larissegger/Corbis

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