Writer Highlight Featuring: Lela Cintron


~Let Me Be Violet~

The stars and I are on a first name basis, they have promised me the moon, and, gave her back to me every night.

I trace my hand across these clouds they sleep upon and ask.”Won’t you fall for me? Near me, or Onto me”?

And let me become like you…

Take me…where the wind is most violent.
And place me into the middle of Jupiter.

Flatten me, pour me ….let me be violet.
Let me be important.

I’m frantic and desperate
And too young to explain why

But with the thing’s I’ve lived through here, it is obvious by now.

“I belong to the sky”

© Copyright, Lela Cintron 2015

Photo Credit: © SW Productions/Design Pics/Corbis Royalty Free Photos

Response to our Inspiration Call on September 8, 2015

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