In the orbital spinning of dying & living, Child, youth, middle-age and old dying, The circle of life is a continuous abyss, Unknown mystery, misery & total bliss. Birth, appearing from death´s dark chasm, Red & twitching with angry howl… Read More ›


We´re bound to this materialistic universe by ecoplasmic sperm, We´re Tied to this planet by umbilical love, secure & so very firm, At birth wrapped tight in swaddling to keep us safe, snug & warm, Held within our mother´s arms,… Read More ›

The Last Dance

The Last Dance The old man took his wife´s dusty hand in his & said, “Don´t weep my love, I am by your side & always will be, so please don´t cry.” She saw her husband through tears of misty… Read More ›