Writer Highlight Featuring: Donna Sanders


A Empty Bottle

She had regrets of leaving him heartbroken on their wedding night, retreating to the mountainside so she could see all the world from above and through hidden trees. She inhaled the morning fog to think about a future she did not expect, one where deep commitments and sacrifice would overcome the vicarious life she used to live.

“Am I ready? Is this what I really want?”

She asked herself a hundred times and then God answered with a rumble. She could hear distant screams a few seconds later and watched helplessly as the ocean swallowed the coast with a vengeful fury. A few hours later when all became silent she rushed to the bungalow to find him. Nothing was left but an empty bottle, a few wooden posts from its foundation, and packed suitcase floating on the flooded pavement. She cried. She screamed. She was now the one left with a broken heart.

© Copyright, Donna Sanders 2015

Response to our Inspiration Call on December 27, 2014

Photo Credit: © free stock image by:http://photopin free stock photos

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