Top Book Sales of May 2015 at Creative Talents Unleashed


Top Book Sales of May 2015 at Creative Talents Unleashed.

#1 Damon Johnson
#2 Christopher Allen Breidinger
#3 Sue Lobo
#4 Tied Anne D. Salyer & Donna Sanders
#5 Tied Billy Charles Root & Nolan P Holloway Jr.

Congratulations to those of you that sold books in May 2015!

* Ranked in order from most sales transactions.

damon front mdf 2

Preface . . .

“Like a vintage wine love seeps through our skin quenching hunger’s thirst.” Dark, rich and full bodied, only begin to describe this wonderful blend of poetry contained in The Vineyard: Exploding Grapes. It is a bouquet of love and desire with a spicy undertone of lust. A very generous wine of words, this second collection of poetry from Damon Johnson takes the reader on a poetic journey, and with its smooth attack it is indeed, full on the palate with a lingering finish.

Preface . . .
This collection of poetry is intended to cause deep thought and reflection of one’s own self. Having been derived from the inner sanctum of the soul and painstakingly etched into existence by hours of thinking and rethinking. One of the most fascinating aspects of poetry is the ability of every poem to be interpreted individually by the individual reader. This gives every poem many facets and some may shine brighter than others for you. Much like a treasure hunt, you are invited to dig through the pages and seek out what jewels may be found. Take them with you.Now Available:

Sue Front Cover

Preface . . .

This book is poetry about death, which is about life, the eternal circle, never to be broken. Life and death are the two equalizing factors that unite us as living beings, regardless of whatever else happens to us on our journey upon earth.

“I was born, I died, I was born again, the circle continues.”

My Breath

I gave you life with my breath,
And you, through my breath
Shall live, within your death.

Author Sue Lobo
Contributing Artist Lili Saatchi

Published by Creative Talents Unleashed

Now Available:

sea shells

Preface . . .I wish I could remember how the words started. I only have a vague memory of sitting in my garden. I have never been good at expressing myself but the words came. I was encouraged to breath them by someone who didn’t really exist. Now that non-existent person and I no longer speak but the words are still there.

If you are reading them, thank you for your indulgence. Like a neglectful mother I give birth to them and then send them out into the world. Please treat them gently.


Anne D. Salyer

Now Available:


Preface . . .

In the last few years writing the poems which make up this collection, I have been educated on life more than any college degree could. I feel that the struggles I endured have created the person I have always strived to be. My eyes were opened to the real world and its atrocities. To see people for who they truly are. To find out what matters the most in order to live with true joy.

There are facades we all have to be aware of – the constant deceptions being forced down our throats to be like everyone else and with the mindset that more is better. I have finally learned to be comfortable in my own skin and embrace the unique in me, regardless of what is left in my pockets. I write because it is my gift and I love to, not for profit or to be recognized. I write with the hope that my words could change one life or even inspire. If this is where my destiny lies, then the sacrifices were worth it. Cont… in her book.

Now Available $13.95 at:

Pressing On

Preface . . .

This book is a collection of my true heart of hearts. The poems herein are direct representations of sight and emotions I have experienced along this journey thus far. From hate, sadness and depression to love, forgiveness and joy mixed in with a little creative thinking, a few rants and a personal discovery of what it’s like to love writing out each step I take.

In order for me to fully explain where these writings came from I must start at the beginning. I am a born again Christian. I accepted the Lord in 1998. I said the prayer was baptized and tried hard to fit into this new world of forgiveness, grace and mercy but, found that around every corner failure was still a very real reality in me and others. When the pastor of the church I attended announced he had cheated on his wife I flipped out. I decided I wasn’t going to learn anything from a man who couldn’t learn it himself and so I took my family and we left the church never to return.

Continued in book . . .

cover nolan

Preface . . .

I enjoy the sun and the warmth it brings. As I continued to write poems a theme emerged. After my first book, “Into My Rotation, a Collection of Scribes” my writing continued. After some time I began thinking about the next project. Light gives me energy and a zest for life. My scribes spoke to me as to who I am. Light exposes all, nothing can be hidden from yourself. Each poem I scribed illuminated a part of me. Therefore light became the theme to join all the poetry together. So simply put, this book is an expression of who I see myself as and the man I continue to grow into even at this stage of my life.

Journey To The Poetic Light Now Available $13.95 At:–…

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  1. A big congratulations to one and all, everyone involved, the writers, publisher and printer, now we shall all aim for the top. Many thanks & lots of love to you all.x


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