Writing Tip: The Life of a Writer

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Writing Tip: The Life of a Writer

So mommy and daddy, that weird friend or part-time English instructor have convinced you that you have a gift and by god you should use it. “Go for it you’re a natural, writing is your calling!” I understand, who wouldn’t take the plunge deciding that the writing life was indeed for them upon hearing such praise.

What they fail to tell you is that to become even a marginally competent writer requires an insane commitment. Are you ready? Below you will find a few (and I mean just a few) of the requirements of those who choose this road.

1. Hair pulling frustration

2. Gut wrenching anxiety

3. Bouts with inner demons (Fear) that you never knew existed.

4. The ruthless critics- yet they must be ignored.

5. Solitude- yes hours and hours upon hours of it.

6. Daydreaming, staring into space, all good inspiration requires it.

7. Destroying small forest – 9 times out of 10 the first draft will be crap, but you must write on.

8. Dealing with numbness – don’t even think of leaving that chair.

9. Starvation- pick up a second job because until you become better than a marginally good writer, this is exactly what you’ll do.

So what do you say, still interested??

Written By: Demitri Tyler

* Demitri Tyler, Author of Measuring For Balance and Creative Director of Creative Talents Unleashed inspires and encourages writers from around the world to unleash their writing potential.
Follow him on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/Author_Tyler



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  1. ADD: Aspiring writers read…a lot (the best authors from then and now). You can never become a great writer unless you do.


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