Writer Highlight Featuring: Uzoma Ezeson


Writer Highlight Featuring: Uzoma Ezeson

The Kiss

Her eyes snaps shut as she feels his breath on her face – warm, intense. A gasp escapes her lips and in a flash, his thick lips claim hers in a gentle kiss. Her lips slowly moves under his, letting him to flicker his tongue in her mouth. Unconsciously, she throws her hands round his neck, as she savors the sweet taste of the chardonnay they had drank earlier.

His hands are on the small of her back, slowly, but surely going down. She hears nothing but the soft sighs of their lips as the pleasure mounting in her depth, fanned by his feathery touches, envelopes her. An owl hoots nearby and she snaps her eyes open. That is her savior.

Embarrassed, she turns on her heels and flees to her house to save what little dignity she had left.

“Anieka! Wait…please stop” he calls to her, but, she keeps running until she is in the privacy of her room. She flops on to the bed, closing her eyes, she replays the kiss in her head. It was her first kiss at seventeen on her third date with Ken, her high school crush. She relishes how it made her feel, but, will she be able to talk to him again? She feels embarrassed that she lost control from kissing him.

© Uzoma Ezeson, 2015

Response to our Inspiration Call on January 13, 2015

Photo credit: Royalty free photo from morguefile

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  1. Beautiful and passionate piece. Wonderful job of appealing to the senses.


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