Alphabet Soup


Excerpt from “CrossRhodes” by Author Lindsey F. Rhodes

Alphabet Soup

Archenemies armed anticipating
Battling besieging berating
Counterfeit capitalism coinciding commercialism
Dire desire doing due diligence despotism
Egotistical enigmatic erroneously elected
Flawed fantasies facetious frauds fabricated
Genocidal governmental guerilla goons
Hustling hellishly hard holding high-tech harpoons
Indirect indecent individuals idling ideology idolizing
Juggling jargon jawing jerks jocking
Knowledgeable knuckleheads kidnapping killing
Legitimate loopholes logically lackluster
Misinterpreted messages morons must muster
Nonsensical news nagging the nameless
Oath occurring objectifying observing oppressors’ that’s obvious
Parasitic path past purgatory pacifying
Quieting quizzical quoters questioning and quantifying
Rogue rebels revealing a ravaging regime
Savages stirring a senseless secular scheme
Taxing tyrants televising terrorism and taboo
Unilateral unions unconsciously undue
Vindictive visceral vying for validity
Watching warmongers wailing wildly
X-ray scanners observing us all
Youth running amok disrespecting the elderly et al
Zany zealots zeroing in on us with their gall

© Lindsey F. Rhodes

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Photo Credit: Rusty and Rosy

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