Le Me See

Pressing On

Excerpt from “Pressing On” by Author Billy Charles Root

Le Me See

Let the light in cause I can’t see
Darkened sight is blinding me

Feeling sluggish, Let me go
Demon hands are getting close

King’s ransom to save my soul
Mercies grace is taking hold

Lift me up and Lift my hands
Pick me up please Help me stand

Depressions weight won’t let me free
Its leaded hands All over me

Holding down Hanging low
Heading down to the pit below

Send the king
Send the blood
Send the crimson
Send the flood

Take my sadness
Take my strife
Take me all
Take my life

Pull me close
Dry my tear
Gime ears
Ordained to hear

Make a new man
Outa me
Take the blindness
Let me see

Crossed shadow
Is where I stand
Crossed splinters
In my hands

I’ll be fine
Just le me see
The crossed shadow
On Calvary

© Billy Charles Root

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