Writer Highlight Featuring Jonathan T R Franklin


Writer Highlight Featuring Jonathan T R Franklin:

All Was Lost To Him

No shoes on his feet, no money in his pocket, stomach empty. The only clothes on his body, the only things he owned. His family were gone, left because of his many sins long ago.
Life was hard because of his own doing. That was fair and he knew it. He went to the one place that gave him clarity. That was worth more than money to him now.

He walked onto the beach, the sand felt good on his feet. The air was cool, the smell of the ocean cleansed the fog of drunken depression. He glared at the ocean before him as it rolled like his mind.

It was endless, and never stopped. Like the sky above was infinite. Never stopping always going.
As I should be, he thought. I can’t stop because of my sins and mistakes. I must keep rolling on, like the deep wide ocean and clouds in the endless sky. Keep going and make myself better again.

© Jonathan T R Franklin

Response to our Inspiration Call on December 25, 2014

Photo credit: http://photopin.com/free stock photos

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