How Does a City Die?

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Excerpt from Measuring For Balance by Author Demitri Tyler

How Does a City Die?

Does it fade like a smile?
Tell me I would like to know what lies in a smile?

When is a mask too tight, guess?
All must dawn to work a backbreaking task the cracks; eating at a smile.

Old scenes cinematic like a movie watched real time,
over and over, stale images, head nod, sleep with a smile.

Blind spot trees big cat crouched naive the jungle eats
its own bone steel industry digesting a smile.

Big money acts funny it only stays awhile
Why not stay?
No go! Never loved us though a smile.

Does one of autumn muster a wheeze when winter comes?
Our cities wheeze flash call lights where is the nurse a smile.

Fat cats with names like Demitri-but Greek they know,
greasy palms whisker meat belly full with a smile.

© Demitri Tyler

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