Heaven Can’t be Heaven without You


Excerpt from “Pressing On” by Author Billy Charles Root

Heaven Can’t be Heaven without You

Heaven sounds pretty good from what I’ve read
With pearly gates and gold roads
A kingdom of the living dead


I can’t wait to see your glory shine
That lights up all I can see
And Hear all the harps and Angels Sing
Glory in the Highest to thee

To walk with Paul on a beach somewhere
Or with Peter maybe a coffee we would share
To ask Jonah what three days in a fish was like
And Jacob and that dream he had that night

And when he wrestled with you till early dawn
To stand with the choir and Sing-a-Song
It will all be so great, I know it will.
It will be awesome I know but still

Heaven without you would not be Heaven at all
I want to see you First of all
To bow before you on a street of gold
With nothing to give you but this broken soul

To Hear your voice as clear as day
Just the sound of your voice saying my name
To walk with you for an eternity or two
To talk with you till my face turns blue

No more sin, no worry, no fear
No more pain or sorrow or even one tear
If all there was to heaven was you
It would still be perfect pure and true

You are my exceedingly great reward
And that’s all I want.

© Billy Charles Root

Photo Credit: Royalty Free Photo from MorgueFile

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