Inspiration Call: Week 5 January 2020 Writing Prompts

Are you new to the writing world or just a seasoned writer looking for inspiration? Do you want to have your poem featured to get your name out there? Maybe you love to read poetry and are looking for some fresh authors to try out. Then join the Creative Talents Unleashed family, and find all this and more. It is a site put together by writers who love the craft, and we love to endorse any writer who has a passion for writing.

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January 2020 – Week 5 Writing Prompts

Monday January 27, 2020 Writing Prompt

Inspiration Call: Micropoetry Monday

use this picture as inspiration for a micro poem (a short poem with no particular rules).

Tuesday January 28, 2020 Writing Prompt

Inspiration Call: Write about a unique first kiss.

Is it your main character’s first kiss ever, or just first kiss with this other person? Does the kiss happen organically, or is it “staged” What are the ages of the two kissers? Who initiates it? In addition to describing the situation, try to describe all of the senses—not just feel. How do the kissers’ breath smell? How do their mouths taste? Do either or both of them have their eyes open? As they kiss, what interesting things are they hearing?

Wednesday January 29, 2020 Writing Prompt

Inspiration Call: Word Prompt Wednesday: Eyes

Use the word of the day in poetic or short story form.

Thursday January 30, 2020 Writing Prompt

Inspiration Call: Character Development Thursday

This is the character in your next chapter. Provide us with a small glance into their characteristics by creating a short story or poem.

Friday January 31, 2020 Writing Prompt

Inspiration Call: Stranger Conversations

Start the first line of your poem with a word or phrase from a recent passing conversation between you and someone you don’t know.

Saturday February 1, 2020 Writing Prompt

Inspiration Call: 6 Word Story

Tell the story behind this picture in just 6 words. A Six Word story is a challenge for each writer to come up with a short story within six words.

Sunday February 1, 2020 Writing Prompt

Inspiration Call: * Timed Writing *

Choose a set time to write, 5 −7 minutes serves well. Set a timer, watch the clock. Stop writing when the time is up, even in the middle of a sentence. In timed writing, you write for a short, prescribed period of time. The purpose of timed writing is to prime the creative pump: shortening writing time makes sure you have more to say than time to say it. The frustration of stopping creates the impetus to write more. You become more interested in the ideas and thoughts you want to put down and less self-conscious about the times it’s taking to write. This exercise also helps develop confidence and establishes creative tension.

Writing tip from: Life’s Companion Journal Writing as a Spiritual Quest By: Christina Baldwin

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Publishing opportunity details for this writing prompt can be found at Open Publishing Projects.

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  1. the barge

    A barge
    on lake Anza
    in Tilden Park
    Berkeley, California

    beckoning me
    imploring me
    to dive off
    into the cool water
    of life

    first kiss

    first kiss
    with my wife
    in a bar
    in Itaewon

    on the night
    we got married

    we were kicked
    out of the bar
    for our passionate
    over the top
    first of many kisses

    the Eyes

    the eyes of the world
    are upon us all
    watching us
    as we go about
    our daily life

    the eyes are the key
    to our immortal souls
    and the eyes
    they do not lie

    Angela’s Eyes

    Angela’s lies in a field
    Not far from town
    Eying her lover
    Gavotting in the field
    Every merry, every filled with life
    Love transforming her
    All the time she falls in love

    Even now in the field
    Yes as she laid down for a rest
    Even then she is filled with love
    Silently thankful for God Bringing him to her

    stranger in a coffee shop

    stranger in a coffee shop
    exchanging stories
    and wisdom of life
    over a simple cup of coffee

    repeated all over the world
    in coffee there is truth
    veritas reigns supreme
    as we drink the coffee
    and our lies die

    Spider Attacks

    Giant Nazi spiders attack the world

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