Inspiration Call: Week 1 January 2020 Writing Prompts

Are you new to the writing world or just a seasoned writer looking for inspiration? Do you want to have your poem featured to get your name out there? Maybe you love to read poetry and are looking for some fresh authors to try out. Then join the Creative Talents Unleashed family, and find all this and more. It is a site put together by writers who love the craft, and we love to endorse any writer who has a passion for writing.

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January 2020 – Week 1 Writing Prompts

Wednesday January 1, 2020 Writing Prompt

Inspiration Call: Word Prompt Wednesday: Panic

Use the word of the day in poetic or short story form.

Thursday January 2, 2020 Writing Prompt

Inspiration Call: Symbolic Animal Thursday

Write a story or a scene involving an animal that symbolizes something else. It can represent a concept, an experience, an emotion, a historical moment, or anything else you can think of.

Friday January 3, 2020 Writing Prompt

Inspiration Call: Flash Fiction Friday

Write a flash fiction piece (short story, prose, poetry up to 1000 words)

Saturday January 4, 2020 Writing Prompt

Inspiration Call: 6 Word Story

Tell the story behind this picture in just 6 words. A Six Word story is a challenge for each writer to come up with a short story within six words.

Sunday January 5, 2020 Writing Prompt

Inspiration Call: * Timed Writing *

Choose a set time to write, 5 −7 minutes serves well. Set a timer, watch the clock. Stop writing when the time is up, even in the middle of a sentence. In timed writing, you write for a short, prescribed period of time. The purpose of timed writing is to prime the creative pump: shortening writing time makes sure you have more to say than time to say it. The frustration of stopping creates the impetus to write more. You become more interested in the ideas and thoughts you want to put down and less self-conscious about the times it’s taking to write. This exercise also helps develop confidence and establishes creative tension.

Writing tip from: Life’s Companion Journal Writing as a Spiritual Quest By: Christina Baldwin

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Publishing opportunity details for this writing prompt can be found at Open Publishing Projects.

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5 replies

  1. Imagination is such a playful partner. Can you for a moment conjure such a sight where a little man with a funny hat sits so mysteriously upon his pachyderm? What could he, indeed, be thinking and what sort of adventures have they led?

    Pachyderm Parade

    What a ponderous plight
    perched upon a pachyderm
    are you perhaps
    patrolling for purple parrots?

    Pardon me
    but they are a persnickerous pack
    as they lack any sort of polite
    parading past your pachyderm
    clearly lacking permission or tact.

    © 2020 Baidha Fercoq All Rights Reserved


  2. Panic

    Panic attacks over come me
    always happen when I turn on the news
    in case I hear our dear leader
    constant chaos around us


  3. Tiger burning bright

    tiger running from the flames
    running for his life
    chased by the chaos
    unleashed by the humans

    who continue to destroy
    the entire world
    for the profits of the rich

    the tiger runs away
    deeper into the wilderness
    trying to avoid
    the reach of humanity

    but to no avail
    as the world burns
    tiger burning bright


  4. Cthullu angels of love

    two cherubs
    angels of love
    dispatched to earth

    by the secret god
    that controls the world

    the hidden god
    the ancient god Cthulhu
    who was here

    before Jehovah
    before Allah
    before Zeus
    and the other ancient gods

    the cherubs
    spread out
    searching for true love
    a gift from humanity

    from the much feared
    and misunderstood
    Cthulhu, the evil God
    of the ancient world


  5. Trump’s Fence

    Trump’s fence is being build along the border
    Responding to the national emergency
    Undocumented evil alien hordes
    millions of brown people marching across the desert wasteland
    Preparing to rape, pillage, and kill decent Christians

    Fences and walls have never worked
    Even the Great Wall and Hadrian’s wall
    Not enough to keep the barbarians at bay
    Certainty a huge waste of money and resources
    Enough though perhaps to satisfy his rabid white base


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