Inspiration Call: Write about a unique first kiss

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Inspiration Call: Write about a unique first kiss.
Is it your main character’s first kiss ever, or just first kiss with this other person? Does the kiss happen organically, or is it “staged” What are the ages of the two kissers? Who initiates it? In addition to describing the situation, try to describe all of the senses—not just feel. How do the kissers’ breath smell? How do their mouths taste? Do either or both of them have their eyes open? As they kiss, what interesting things are they hearing?

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  1. Sam met his wife
    in a dream
    it was his fate

    she became his life
    that day
    she became his mate

    on their marriage date
    they went to a bar for a date
    drank all night like in a dream

    ending up kissing in that place
    up a storm until they were driven out
    the bar owner kicked them out
    saying that was not the place

    they laughed saying it was fate
    it was a good start
    and that was the start
    of their fate
    their first real date


  2. It was the day she’d been longing to see for six years or more. They had known of each other for decades but connected online after a marriage for each. He got out, but she had not. She was afraid to be alone, yet she only wanted him. There were miles between them and she was aware, but she had vowed to build a union unbreakable by the strongest of fists. They were meeting; it was her fantasy. Girls in their forties are seldom so giddy.

    She arrived at his location. Unable to compose herself, she was glued to her vehicle for what seemed like hours. She knew this was a felonious encounter, but her heart beseeched to continue.

    She stumbled through the electronic glass doors and proceeded to the elevator… 3 floors between her and what once seemed a dream. The doors opened on the third floor and there HE was… waiting. He was perfection, just as she envisioned. He clutched her into his arms and all breath escaped her. He smelled divine… like a crisp, clean beach breeze. He pulled her closer and kissed her forcefully yet she relished the moment. The taste of rum on his tongue was fitting, for she was drunk on his kiss in no time. The elevator “dinged” again and again as she never made it from the threshold before the embrace.

    It was an alluring moment. His fingers through her hair, his chest against hers, their lips – touching… Finally. She knew in that instant that she never wanted to be without him again.


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