Inspiration Call: Symbolic Animal Thursday

Image by Couleur from Pixabay

Inspiration Call: Symbolic Animal Thursday

Write a story or a scene involving an animal that symbolizes something else. It can represent a concept, an experience, an emotion, a historical moment, or anything else you can think of.

Publishing opportunity details for this writing prompt can be found at Open Publishing Projects.

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  1. the red phoenix
    harbinger of doom
    sitting on his perch
    overlooking the world

    preaching the end of times
    end end of days
    are approaching us
    biblical portents

    all around us
    wars rumors of war
    natural disasters
    global warming

    fires burning everywhere
    wild winter storms
    hurricanes and tornados
    straight from hell

    and in the US
    a Mad King
    over the collapsing
    of the American empire

    the Phoenix smiles
    he knows that soon
    Armageddon will prevail
    and he will rise again

    rising from the death
    to usher the living
    to their celestial kingdom
    as the rapture takes hold

    and the end of the world
    consumes all
    in fire and brimstone
    end of days


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