My Sky Seems to Fall by Shantelle ‘Elle’ McLin

My sky seems to fall

And my earth seems to climb

When there is sadness

I am caught between the lines

There is sorrow I cannot control

And bitterness within my heart

There is darkness in my soul

I seem to be falling apart

And if you ever thought you know

Then you are just as blind

See my sky seems to fall

As my earth seems to climb

My inner-verse has corrosion

There seems to be droughts of rain

The atmosphere is quite dry

And the air is full of pain

It hurts to breathe again

The normalcy of inhaling and to exhale

My skin feels colder now

Lack of color, I’m quite pale

I tapped into my instincts

Where intellect greets the spirit nudging

Only Faith and common sense…

Will keep me from grudging

To refrain from the tale of hurt

Or the agony of defeat

As you see my sky seems to fall

As my earth seems out of reach

© Shantelle ‘Elle’ McLin

Excerpt from the book Beyond Nursery Rhymes; Real Life Tales

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About the Author

Recreational writing began for this author at the age of 9 in journal formatting.  Her creativeness was sparked in Middle school during a notable visit to the library with her best friend. With an outdated range of selections, she instantly identified with the poets’ generations before her; she had found her outlet.

While facing great personal difficulties, Elle treated poetry as a feel-good remedy to her melancholic episodes. This would become freeing to a young and timid adolescent, as she discovered her voice. Writing would become a soother and her pen, a microphone to express her challenges.

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