Inspiration Call: Sibling Stories

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Inspiration Call: Write a story or poem that focuses on the relationship between siblings.

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  1. Remember taking a dare that only a sibling could pose? Remember the sweet laughter and abandon you could throw yourself into with your brother or sister? After all my years, I have come to appreciate the enduring nature of my relationship with my siblings… I have never laughed so hard nor hurt so deeply, but I would never erase a moment with them … not for all the gold in the world. This poem suggests Siblings can share a deep and unspoken devotion to one another.

    Title: Two Peas in a Pod

    Two peas in a pod
    we were part of a selective squad
    mischief took us by the hand
    our times together, were really grand.

    If ever in trouble
    we made a solemn pact
    to never tattle about the act
    especially vowing never to spill the facts..

    Two peas in a pod
    my love for you
    and yours for me
    it was true and set us free.

    Heaven remember
    the adventures we blithely took
    they were so much better
    than any in a book.

    Two peas in a pod….

    © 2019 Baidha Fercoq All Rights Reserved



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