Inspiration Call: Character Development Thursday

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Inspiration Call: Write a poem or story about a character who is a wildcard… their behavior is unpredictable, even to their friends and family.

Publishing opportunity details for this writing prompt can be found at Open Publishing Projects.

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  1. President Trump
    is staring at the card
    he has been dealt
    the ace of spades

    and thinks about life
    and all that he has left
    to do

    to disrupt the world
    to change the world
    to make the world
    a better place

    to make America great again
    great for the white men
    like him
    the masters of the universe

    and he thinks again
    how no one understands him
    no one knows him
    and no one cares

    as he stares at the card
    that he has been dealt
    thinking about the game

    and the end of his time
    on this world

    will he be remembered
    for being the best president

    or will he become
    just a memory
    lost to time?

    and so Trump
    decides to double down
    and go out with a bang

    taking the whole world
    down with him to hell


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