Inspiration Call: Word Prompt Wednesday

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Inspiration Call: Word Prompt Wednesday: Ask

Use the word of the day in poetic or short story form.

Publishing opportunity details for this writing prompt can be found at Open Publishing Projects.

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  1. The trepidation we often face when we’re unsure of another’s message is a natural response. Often we worry we might insult another or appear ourselves as somehow deficient if we request clarification. And yet, the most apparent and easy resolution to uncertainty is to ask for further information. This poem lightly pokes fun at miscommunication and how it impacts our ego.

    Title: Fumbled Thoughts

    Did my ears deceive
    my wandering mind?
    it seems apparent to me
    your message was far from reason
    or rhyme.

    Should i stand in angst
    as my eyes reflect
    i’m clearly in a confusion state?

    My innards are quivering
    and my feet are shivering
    but i just can bring myself to question
    your verbal jibbering.

    But given a moment to playback your words
    Oh the pardon, i now do beg
    seems my ears were plugged with other thoughts
    and the error
    was clearly

    © 2019 Baidha Fercoq All Rights Reserved


  2. for years I have been
    wandering the world
    traveling everywhere
    looking for answers
    to the age old question

    that I am afraid to ask
    what does it all mean
    and why are we here

    the universe is silent
    refuses to answer my questions
    and God if he exists
    does not respond

    to my prayers
    and questions
    and I am left alone
    to wonder

    what does it all mean
    and why am I here


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