Jaded by Elizabeth Daniel

Jade eyes,

Melting the Sahara sand,

Many men had speculated,

What was her hidden agenda?

Being in a place like this,

Dusty bar stools,

Smell of liquor and tattered dreams,

She seemed like a jewel among thieves,

Sauntering in quietly,

Up to the counter,

Softly she spoke,

“Have you seen this man?”

Producing a crumbled picture,

Old and faded,

With a sigh,

“He just left here,”

The portly bartender exclaimed,

Pupils narrowing,

She nodded,

“That’s all I needed to know!”

Grabbing the photo,

As quick as she arrived,

Out the double doors,

She was headed,

“Wait! Why are you lookin’ for him?”

A tall thin man from the corner of the room called,

Face hidden,

Stepping into the dim light,

He smirked,

“He broke my heart many moons ago”,

She stammered,

Then as swift as a blink,

A bullet flew through the air,

Slicing the man’s expensive suit,

Piercing his chest,

“So I figured I’d break his,”

The man slumped to the ground,

As the woman turned and walked away.

© Elizabeth Daniel

Excerpt from Diary of a Poet

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About the Author

From a very young age, Elizabeth knew she was meant to be a writer. Around 8 or so, she started with little poems inside birthday cards. As years went by, poetry became her safe haven in a world full of chaos and beauty. Through written words, she found her voice. A voice according to doctors, she was never supposed to have. Today at 34, she still re- reads those poems from the early days. Now housed on her bookshelf in old binders.

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