Words of Truth by Ann Christine Tabaka

I search no more for words of truth,

as my words died today.

Buried beneath weary feet,

that have trod too many miles.

Missives all beaten to dust,

are scattered far and wide.

Settled on the path of indifference,

devoured by voracious wolves.

What is in an appellation,

call me what you will.

I am the opposite of myself,

a contradiction of terms.

A hundred times I tried,

and a hundred times I failed.

The waywardness of effort

to be pondered at its worth.

Now shame hides behind a veil

as I struggle with my fate.

My words no longer carry truth,

for I have been undone.

© Ann Christine Tabaka

Excerpt form the book Words Spill Out

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Ann Christine Tabaka was born in Wilmington Delaware and has lived in Delaware most of her life.  She loves nature and surrounds herself with gardens and woods.  She is also an avid cook and loves to create her own recipes.

Christine started out as a visual arts major in college, specializing in ink illustrations, stylized watercolor paintings, and fiber art. She became an organic chemist by profession, and then a personal trainer when she retired from chemistry after 31 years in the lab. She wrote her first poem at the age of 14 for a High School Literary Journal.  Christine always kept a hand written journal of rhymes and musings.  All throughout her life she continued to write about what she knew, and saw, and felt.  Once the floodgates were open, the words would not stop.

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