Inspiration Call: Flower Symbolism

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Inspiration Call: Write a poem or story that uses flowers as a symbol.

Publishing opportunity details for this writing prompt can be found at Open Publishing Projects.

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  1. Layers
    Self protection
    Her core never seen
    Slowly blooming
    Soul bare
    Apprehensive to be seen
    Strength brought to light
    A survivor
    Fear and honesty
    Glorious determination
    Gaining momentum
    With the drop of every leaf
    Falling apart
    Roots run deep
    My pieces
    Finding strength



  2. Last flowers for Last Women on Earth

    the last woman on earth
    is looking at wild flowers
    that she has picked
    from her garden

    wondering if the flowers
    know that she is the human
    to admire their beauty

    the flowers have no answer
    and she smells the flowers
    and wonders whether
    there is anyone else

    left to admire
    their beauty


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