Inspiration Call: Word Prompt Wednesday

Inspiration Call: Word Prompt Wednesday: Why

Use the word of the day in poetic or short story form.

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  1. How is it possible
    Deeply intense
    Completely devastated

    But why

    You were never even mine
    I fell in love with the words
    Imagined reality

    An illusion
    Illustrated by you and me

    Our love story isn’t over
    To be continued
    Another time
    Future dreams



  2. why

    why is the eternal question
    that has no answer

    why did you
    come to me
    in a dream

    and then
    one day
    walk out of that dream
    and into my life

    so many years ago
    why were we fated to meet
    why am I still hopelessly
    in love with you

    why are you still here
    why am I still here

    why do I still
    dream of you
    and why or why
    can I never leave you

    I don’t why anymore
    all I know
    is that you are still here

    and that is all that matters
    and so I will quit

    asking why



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