New Release “Life Through Poetry’s Eyes” by Tammy S. Thomas

Without experiencing life’s lessons from my past, I wouldn’t be able to reach my goals. The past is my road map on which direction to take. There have been a few wrong turns but I have managed to make a U-turn and get back on track to where I needed to be. I feel that without the obstacles in my way I wouldn’t be as strong as I am today. 

God put those obstacles there because it wasn’t my plan to go that route, so I had to maneuver around and rethink my vision on exactly what it is I wanted to do. I thought the fast track was the way to go. But those bumps on the road sure changed my mind tremendously.

I’ve learned that reaching your goals doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and motivation to get to your destination. Have faith and never give up. Because if I didn’t have those two things, I would be in a bad place. Keeping focused and being motivated will get you to your destination. So I thank my past for getting me to my future. 

This is how I see life… through poetry’s eyes.


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  1. Love this because it’s so true! I think once we realise this, we are well on our way to moving forward. We live and we learn. Our way is not necessarily thee way. God has His own plan for each one of us.


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