Winter Falls – Collaboration

The love is gone

Why are we still running

in circles here?

The feelings that were once true

has disappeared

Empty halls and shallow walls of a house that was a home

Is now filled with cold air

No one’s feelings we have to spare

Our hearts are cold as winter

Leaving us to pick out the splinters

One thing we can agree on is to go our separate ways

And that we will both be in a better place

I despise running in circles

let me run in squares

the stops and starts of a broken love affair

I thought we turned a corner but I stood alone as you weren’t there

I used to love winter but the cold this year has been brutally bitter as our love began to wither

Now I cling to thoughts of spring

and hopeful of what a change in seasons will bring.

Our Snow Angels

still lay imprinted

in the week old snow

wings half-circles

of swinging giggling arms

yet they are empty now

empty like the echo

of the tv that I watch alone

of the pans that clink

with meals for one

of my footsteps walking

to an empty bedroom

echoing like my lost dreams

of what once was so real

Once I believed

we could hold vows true

but the circle was broken

Winter swept in with an icy chill

as you left

and the remembrance

of your golden band bouncing off the counter

continuously echoes

throughout the recesses of my mind.

Gazing through latticed windows

To catch the sun

Cruel April left me undone

For in the clouds of whimsy

I caught. Glittering eyes

Flimsy wispy clumsy lies

My May his charms had

Chained to December

Condemned to ponder

And Stoke sad embers

Winter’s sheltered warmth in summer’s brazen heat

Sometimes a chilly breeze

Is what you really need.

I won’t remember how

It felt to thaw

Unwanted upon the counter

Past the expiration of our love

But toss out all notions of sell by dates

And walk away

All alone… Embracing this

My fate.

Soul satiating solitude

That offers me fruit

A peace in contemplative roots.

I feel tension pervading the space between us

like the fog rolling in…

an overwhelming plague of darkness.

Misty eyes begin flowing like rapids,

crashing upon the shores of my heart.

I’m suddenly capsized by emotions,

carried away in the current of my own thoughts.

I fear the worst about how this will play out,

but what choice do I have?

For when you truly love someone,

there are no ropes binding them to your vessel,

no anchors to hold them in place,

and no compass to direct their path.

There is only hope that when you’re lost at sea,

they are the lighthouse guiding you back home.

Storms rage incessantly roiling the dark seas

currents constantly tug and entice

lightning illuminates the hailstones of life’s travails

rain and hail pelt upon my soul every waking hour

yet I remain strong and steadfast

for my anchor holds me secure in port

no chain or rope binds me

for I am free and I remain bound only by love

mesmerized by the beacon

in your eyes

a remembrance

that always

guides me home.

Something slipped through my fingers

I lost it somewhere

I just can’t recall the place

Something that was mine alone

Gone without a trace

I think it was my courage

Something doused my inner fire

left it cold and damp

please find your torch and light it

© Tammy S. Thomas, Veronica Thornton, D.B. Hall, Amrita Valan, Dena Daigle, D.B. Hall, Brenda-Lee Ranta

Excerpt from the book Fire and Ice

Also Available at

100% of all proceeds from this book are being donated to the “Starving Artist Fund” to assist writers in becoming published authors. Please support a writer today!

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