Inspiration Call: Flash Fiction Friday


Inspiration Call: Flash Fiction Friday

Write a flash fiction piece (short story, prose, poetry up to 1000 words)

Publishing opportunity details for this writing prompt can be found at Open Publishing Projects.

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  1. The Raven speaks to my Cherokee Ancestor

    family lore has it I am part Cherokee
    but part of the lost tribe
    that disappeared from history
    and DNA testing apparently

    but I know that I have Cherokee blood
    and in the past
    my ancestors were able
    to the birds

    the raven is speaking
    to a Cherokee maiden
    telling her of the coming
    of the trails of tears

    and she goes home
    and wakes her parents
    and they flee into the Ozarks
    lost in time and space

    and become part of the lost tribe
    of the Cherokee nation
    part Scottish, Irish, French, Black
    and other lost souls

    My mother knew the history
    and told me bits and pieces
    over the years
    before her descent into dementia

    and I imagine that her grandmother
    was the one
    speaking of the terrible times ahead
    with the cosmic raven of the Cherokees



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