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Inspiration Call: This is the character in your next chapter. Provide us with a small glance into their characteristics by creating a short story or poem.

Publishing opportunity details for this writing prompt can be found at Open Publishing Projects.

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  1. Daydreaming amongst the trees
    All of her favorite things
    Nature was her muse
    And the enormity of beauty it brings

    The splendid colors
    The Aromatic breeze
    The sounds of living
    The bird that softly sing
    The intricate details and textures of everything

    Inspiration surrounds her
    A blooming flower
    Butterfly wings
    An old oak tree
    It compelled her
    To write, dance and sing
    Appreciative of the wonderous things
    Nature, her adventure with all it’s mysteries
    Filling her heart, soul and mind with a million fantasies.



  2. Upon the earth
    In little bare feet,
    The life around her
    All her eyes can see

    The flower can’t see her
    Can’t feel her caress,
    Yet in her caring touch
    Her kindness is her best

    The petals will dry
    And shrivel,
    Yet grief
    She’ll chooseth not

    She’ll rise the next morn
    To witness,
    The life that dawn
    Has brought.


  3. sara the good witch
    makes a wish
    that some day soon
    the world will be rid

    of the mad King President
    Donald Trump
    who conned his way
    to power

    through an unholly pack
    with the devil himself
    and as with all magic
    it comes with a terrible price

    Sara is wishing
    upon the cosmic wishing flower
    in the gardens of eden
    wishing to end

    Donald Trumps
    reign of terror
    she knows
    that her wish will come true

    but wonder
    what price
    she would pay
    for the use of dark magic

    for as we all know
    by now
    all magic
    comes with a terrible price


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