Stressing by Veronica “Vee” Thornton

Maybe they were right

no one could ever really love me

I’m not like everyone else

I learned early I had to speak up for myself

otherwise people try to break you down to nothing

and hope you can’t find any strength left to catch a second breath

yet I must explore the reasons my stress remains distressed

constantly in a state of unrest I wish I could digress

the needles keep pricking me constantly

I don’t have any more room for bandages but they aren’t listening to me

some of the cuts run deep and were infected by other things

still no one will let me heal

when did this become part of fair deal

if this is reality it surely doesn’t seem real

they turned my dreams into nightmares pretending to care

when someone was needed no one was there

or they went deaf and were unable to hear

being alone doesn’t always feel so lonely

or have I accepted all of what some have always told me.


© Veronica “Vee” Thornton

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In today’s society we are all a part of, whether we like it or not; we are forever scrutinizing our dialogue and conversation, looking out for offensive and insulting content. Today, words don’t just insult, they also inflict verbal violence with long lasting psychological effects, causing unimaginable inner conflict and problems with forming healthy personal relationships.

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