Inspiration Call: Symbolic Animal Thursday



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Inspiration Call: Symbolic Animal Thursday

Write a story or a scene involving an animal that symbolizes something else. It can represent a concept, an experience, an emotion, a historical moment, or anything else you can think of.

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  1. Wild Horses Running Free

    I see the wild horses
    running across the western desert
    so wonderfully free
    and wild

    and I think to myself
    if only I could be as free
    as the wild horses
    running across the desert

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  2. A Swallow Who Won’t Wallow
    by Pasithea Chan

    Am a swallow who’s fled from this world;
    to reside in a personal inferno!
    I fell into the hands of a virtual nomad;

    who got lost between what was unsaid & untrue.
    Like a greenhorn I followed him & ventured;
    into making a promise that I can’t undo!
    Until finally I found myself crushed;

    in a ravine by the ailing tide of an echo –
    of a heart’s feelings that weren’t returned!
    With no hope, trust, or creed;
    I woke up to find a residue –
    of what used to be me and
    a billow of what I heed!

    Time rolls my dears with such great speed.
    Before I could realize it,
    I had nothing more to ensue;

    not me, not my life, but now definitely the need –
    to fight & stand up for what
    I want to see push through.

    Choosing him was a fatal wrong indeed;
    but am sure he’s the kind of med.
    I won’t spew.

    So am thanking him for giving me
    The wake up call I need!
    And though my eyes might not be mellow;
    nor my voice that of a reed;
    am not easy to subdue;
    nor am I packed with pride!
    Hope we meet again in the years to follow;
    to see the challenge he’s left me to concede;

    cause am a Swallow
    who will always be
    far from what’s Wallow!

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  3. Forgotten but they remain
    Wild horses
    Hiding in the shades
    Seeking an opportunity to stay
    Beautiful creatures roaming
    Remain hidden
    Dodging extinction
    Replaced by a different breed
    Untamed and Free
    Wildly instinctive
    Poetically beautiful
    Passionately trudging ahead
    Steady in their strengths
    Looking for acceptance
    Searching in the shadows for a light that is not there
    Majestic creatures
    Nomadic existence
    Them and me
    It’s same thing


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  4. Waterfox by Pasithea Chan

    Have you seen a water fox?
    They say it walks on two
    laughing back at you.

    It has murky eyes
    with iris colored lies
    for intentions.
    Deep schemes
    but shallow values for lips
    contoured with tricks;
    and a loud bark
    with silent remarks.
    It feeds on confusion
    hunting with illusion
    with a nose hot with greed
    and paws that strike cold
    those who bleed.

    Liquid defines its state and build
    letting it fit any vessel or guild.
    Trickery is its art
    creating wars on tact
    always pulling an act.

    Fluid in motion
    prevents commotion;
    Fluid in texture
    makes it hard to grasp.
    All in all ever illusive
    always evasive
    naturally pervasive
    remarkably persuasive
    and definitely destructive.

    You can try to kill it
    but you can’t kill
    what doesn’t have a soul.

    See a water fox is a pretender
    mixing glamor like a bartender
    in glasses of synthetic ardor
    posing as an ally or lover.

    Only when you learn to accept
    a water fox for what
    it is, that is you can’t
    get rid of it or do without
    it, will you stop
    chasing illusions
    or being a target.

    Author’s Notes:
    Inspired by: “The depths don’t scare me darling. I would rather drown in the raging deep than suffer shallow waters.” N.Taylor

    Elusive and tricky people have been known to be as tricky as foxes but as fluid and flexible, yet as silent and as deep, and as flowing and as unstoppable as water. These concepts are what shaped the water fox metaphor in this poem.


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