Bury Me by Urban Truth

Each time eye brake, I awake within a cyclic implosion of sub-consciousness, this vast darkness, an emptiness of self real-eyes-a-zion, an in-depth creation, a growing pain beyond this physical, a soul manifesting an adept order of a metaphysical world.

These doctrines spiral a vortex of elements that formulate a fund-a-mental of true expression, self serves the pain-full lesson, a never ending journey into what it is to be true self, each step being the know-ledge of literature dwelling within a remembrance to an inner knowing.

Self-causes self-pain of chaos simply to find its order, each footprint a new border crossed are boundaries to a self-styled protective emotional prison, eye have the vision to look in-side and dissipate the fiction of contradiction, a gubernatio knot, a dirty seed planted within, one that they grew to simply watch me rot.


© Urban Truth


Excerpt from the book “Urban Gnosticism”

$11.95 Plus Shipping ~ Available at CTU Publishing Group and Amazon.com

14292473_10209176889916510_7299800471587872693_n About the Author

As a writer this is the part of his book of doctrines he was not looking for-word to, to talk of self…ironically! His life was manifested In Manchester England, within a sub-area called Moss Side on an estate named Gooch Close. A place later to be plagued with gang violence, drugs, and urban poverty. He was born into a mixed heritage family. Mother being Irish. Absent Father being of dual heritage, African and English, this is why he uses the terminology “hybrid”. A hybrid is what they made, a hybrid of heritage, a hybrid of mind, body, and soul.

Visit Urban Truth’s Author Page At www.ctupublishinggroup.com/urban-truth.html

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