Ataraxia by Don Beukes

In this ever-changing global

village, we still struggle

to feel as one – Some blame

religion, for others humanity

has not yet begun.


We all seek blissful inner serenity

a calm so sweet, peaceful longevity

a lasting reality – Dissident explosive

voices might hinder our free choices

but a shared mentality will surely

protect us from any dark disturbance,

even senseless brainwashed reverie.


We still aim to find eternal ataraxia,

the ultimate state of azure calmness

blissful mindfulness – Our history

still a murky mystery, our failed

human chemistry, blinded blurred

vision – The fallen bowing to

devastating submission

causing apocalyptic



We underestimate our human state

failing to utilize our destined fate –

Plagued by velvet wars, settling

selfish scores, influenced by false

self-appointed scarlet prophets

brainwashing us for their own

political profits

yet we somehow find a shared

inner rhythm, a soothing hum

a necessary quietude, a positive



We yearn to remain ataraxic

obliterate the toxic, permanently

optimistic – Let us release

our inner liberating fire to

finally achieve long-lasting



© Don Beukes


Excerpt from the book “The Salamander Chronicles”

$12.95 Plus Shipping ~ Available at CTU Publishing Group and

don-beukesAbout the Author

Mr. Don Beukes is a retired teacher of English and Geography. Originally from Cape Town in South Africa, he grew up in the shadow of Table Mountain, always aspiring to achieve the best in life, despite living in a racially divided country. He lives by his favorite motto ‘Carpe Diem’ and endeavors to seize every opportunity in life to make the most of each day. This also filters through to his poetry, attempting to adjust our moral compass in our ever-changing global village. He enjoys gardening and is a keen amateur photographer.

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