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Inspiration Call: Micropoetry Monday – use this picture as inspiration for a micro poem (a short poem with no particular rules).

Publishing Opportunity: At the end of every year we will publish an anthology using our daily inspiration calls. Want to participate? Simply write your interpretation of the photo that inspires you and share it in the comment section of the original post right here on our blog. You will be notified here also, should your work be chosen for inclusion in the publication. We donate 100% of all proceeds from our anthologies to the Starving Artist Fund. For more details visit our site.

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  1. Dream 268 The Crying Buddha Contemplates the World

    Buddha lives on in our hearts
    And our minds
    Every time we go to a temple
    And contemplate the buddha

    The buddha within is inspired
    And one day
    Perhaps soon

    The real buddha
    Will awaken
    And come back
    To the world

    Perhaps he will come
    With his brother Jesus Christ

    And they will tour the world
    Crying at the mess
    That humanity has made
    Of God’s paradise

    And crying over the mess
    That humans have left
    For their children to clean up

    And for the hatred and wars
    That their search
    For the true meaning of God

    Crying copious tears
    Thinking of all the things
    That people have gotten wrong

    Forgetting the core messages
    Of love for one another
    And a search for inner peace

    Yes when Buddha comes back
    He will wish
    He was still lost
    In the endless temple statues

    Lost in the inner secrets
    Of our minds and hearts

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  2. e Turning To Stone

    A lesser man would have been turned to stone
    by such a look,
    such a dirty look,
    certainly worthy of a Gorgon,
    but I survived it
    I’m glad to say
    though I still look uneasily
    at the stone statues
    commemorating the famous and infamous,
    the religious idols,
    the gargoyles,
    devils and pixies
    and I wonder,
    was it the skill of the unknown carvers,
    or was it just a look that did the trick?
    Well, we’ll never know.

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