Survive – Collaboration


There are times when these dark, weighted emotions

become too heavy a load to carry, and I begin to sink

back into that abyss from which I crawled.

Scraped hands, bruised knees, and bloody knuckles

serve as mementos of my struggle

and my willingness to fight for survival.

Yet this intangible thing virtually has the power

to bring me to my knees, begging for reprieve.

Well not this time, my old friend.

I’ve incinerated our binding ties,

reducing them to nothing more than ash.

Within me burns an immortal flame,

and with each labored breath I take

the fire is steadily stoked.

For I am a master of the elements,

and you are merely another to be transmuted


I’m done with living in other’s shadows

It is my time to shine

and cast all doubts firmly aside

Gather up all these loose ends

and set my universe spinning

From now on, like all prime numbers

divided evenly or only by itself

I will stand tall and be the first counted.

The first in the queue, the first in command

The first woman on earth to do everything from now on …

For the first time in my life, I will be number one.


© Dena Daigle, Mark Andrew Heathcote

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Fire and Ice

Foreword . . .

Many moons ago I realized the power of words and how they can accurately describe the nuances of emotion. They can take a person to the highest highs, and just as easily, that person can plummet into nothingness…. just by words. It is fascinating how perception and illusion rule our lives. What others fail to see is that for some, once the words are out there… the bleeding stops a little bit more… Those words are just part of us…And that is the beauty of it.

Fire and Ice is a collection of connections based on perceptions. It is person after person, reading, relating, and then reaching out to others through words. Connection…  is really what it is all about that.

I am honored to invite you inside the minds of people just like you. All their hopes, dreams, and disasters are here within the pages of this book.

Lyne Beringer, author of Alaskan Vogue

$13.95 Plus Shipping ~ Available at CTU Publishing Group and

100% of all proceeds from this book are being donated to the “Starving Artist Fund” to assist writers in becoming published authors. Please support a writer today!

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