Inspiration Call: Dictionary Prompt


Inspiration Call: Dictionary Prompt

Open the dictionary up to a random page. With your eyes closed or averted, point to a random place on the page. Once you have selected your word, write a poem or short story using the word you have selected.

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  1. Eyes

    Your eyes are endless oceans
    I sail against the tides
    of their ever-changing notions

    Drowning in their emotions
    I find no oars by my sides
    Your eyes are endless oceans

    I travel across their vast nations
    even when the truth bites
    in their ever-changing notions

    You are my temptations
    in otherwise peaceful nights
    your eyes like endless oceans

    I drink your magic potions
    lifting myself to great heights
    in my ever-changing notions

    I make the necessary motions
    to experience love’s delights
    Your eyes are endless oceans
    of their ever-changing notions


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