A Nonsense Adventure! (The Best Kind) Part 2 – The Scones Tale ~ Author Amrita Valan


“The walrus said he was taking us

Only for a walk…

He said he packed us scones along

For a harmless little talk,

He even said we should enjoy a cuppa

He promised it would be smoking hot.


A few things to mention

The walrus simply forgot.

How we would all be served for tea

In an elegant ceramic pot…

“The time has come!”,

Said the walruses in whiskered unison

For a walk and a talk, and one on one

C’mon scones! Let’s have some fun.

All the time they were groaking us,

Oh! What a cruel and heartless con.

My rabbit hole spread out far and wide

Thin at the poles bulging at the hips

It held an entire world all neatly curled

Like the smoky spirals from the caterpillar’s lips.

The scones escaped, they performed back flips

With squishy jumps and crumbly leaps

The ants and spiders gobbled up quite a heap.

I didn’t lose my head at this

For it was screwed real tightly on.

The rabbit hole grew narrower now

And rather steep and small.

My head swelling up much too fast for me to fit at all.

Finally I found an opening, and burst out

Like a plump nut from its crackling shell,

Rolling round and round, to the bottom of my garden wall.

The garden spiders were not amused.

On their world wide web, I remain accused.

Of smashing their eggs and sanity

Their covert webs of vanity,

Caucuses of secrecy and world control

By the freaky eight legged, arachnids all.

Out of the rabbit hole back home again

Carefully I serve up my curious tale

When back is against shape-shifting wall

Look real hard, you might have a bad fall.

So keep some pills handy Alice, down the rabbit hole

Sometimes you just need to be very, very small

But at other times you might have to be, really very tall.

`twas a great escape and a close call

Fear was the key to escape

But I had to accept the wonder of it all,

How I can be very tall even when I’m small…


© Amrita Valan

Excerpt from the book “Down The Rabbit Hole”

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Down TheAbout the Book:

Tick tock says the magic clock

In a language that’s part of the soul

Get in line for the gate

You don’t want to be late

For your trip down the rabbit hole…


Down the Rabbit Hole” is a collective work of writings from poets who like you, live their lives inundated with the challenges and demands of everyday life. They have unlocked the door to boundaries we all make for ourselves and turned those boundaries into fantastic, beautiful worlds to both help ease the boredom and perhaps spark the imagination.

Lyne Beringer, Author of “Alaskan Vogue – Poetry From the Land of Ice and Shadows

This book was sponsored by the Starving Artist Fund by the publishing group Creative Talents Unleashed.

100% of all proceeds from this book are being donated to the “Starving Artist Fund” to assist writers in becoming published authors. Please support a writer today!

Now Available at the following Retailers: www.ctupublishinggroup.com/anthologies.html

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