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Angels wings of solace, the aroma of sweet-scented flowers, transcendent heavenly dreams, and magical Harvested Moons create the perfect reading getaway in Author Mark Andrew Heathcote’s book entitled, In Perpetuity. In this exquisite poetry composition, his classical touch is a fluent combination of peace and vision; inspiring a modest, calm, signature style that carries on throughout the entire book.

Poems that capture the essence of this style, such as; Dreams, are not just lovely in appearance, but also informative! Dreams splendidly compares the delicacy, beauty, and development of a flower, to that of our precious dreams. There are also select poems that express a sincere love and reverence for God, and his spiritual beliefs seem to provide him a sense of confidence and security in knowing who he is and handling all of the things that life throws our way.

A kindhearted compassionate spirit and personality is reflected through his work, and poems like; Chestnuts Are Falling, leave you feeling warm, cheerful, and jolly! A perfect book to give to someone as a gift! We enjoyed poetic ode’s like; Poetic Melody; a poem that compares the depths of poetry to the guarded chambers of the heart; using the ‘spring blackbird’, as a personified representation. He was able to establish a strong connection with the reader through hints of charm and wit, like in his poem; The Music of One’s Love. He says;

“Love is deaf and dumb,
But neither is it blind to the heart of its sum”;

A thought-provoking quote capable of “invoking your heart’s delight”. And with fantastic pictorial references, you can conceive the remarkable visions he creates, in your own mind, where waters are like ‘buttermilk’, as it is said in the featured, Enchanted Bridge.

It is also true that the author transitioned well throughout the book, from love to friendship, to faith; he made it all interconnect very well. In all honesty, we appreciate the class, taste, and professionalism put towards the book’s overall presentation. Poems with arduous sentiments attached give off an endearing effect of long-lasting love, the kind of love that almost seems like a chimeral far off wish. And speaking of love, we absolutely fell madly in love with Mark’s poem entitled, Kisses of Perpetuity; when he said;

“He was trying to hold on to her breath
Restrain it in perpetuity for all eternity”.

His verses hypnotizing elegance is undeniably enticing and is awesomely embedded in all of his work. One of our favorites was; Betel Leaves; where he really does the word, ‘metaphor’, total justice! One of the quotes from this poem, strikingly captivating, yet peculiar, goes; “But we too are butterflies jointly cocooned in a web”, as it is like an encrypted paradox, imagining a spider’s web being the dwelling for the butterfly duo. Will they be safe, together? Or will the web in which they are joined and cocooned entangle their powerful wings? You can’t help but to use your imagination…

Furthermore, his words makes you feel, think, and perceive; followed by a consistent flow and rhythm that add an upbeat tempo to the read. Because of this, we found ourselves reading some poems as if they were songs, like the profound piece; Till All the Leaves Have Fallen. A brief poem that ingeniously incorporates a number of technical elements related to poetry; such as theme, metaphor, mood, and meaning. He is an exceptional mind with an eloquent, clean, writing style… and a keen eye for nature! In fact, you will notice a pattern of poems with ‘flower’ titled names and verses that use flowers to build into the poem’s meaning

Interestingly enough, the concept of the book is tailored with an ornate fantasy-like theme using prepossessing titles like; Caterpillars and Butterflies; Bodhi Tree; Soft Fruit; Damask Rose; and our most favorite, the beautiful, A Flower Cut From Desire! An enchanting ode to the lotus that describes a breathtaking vision of this flowers distinguished significance, some of the different types, and what their glorious colors symbolize. We were utterly taken aback by this poems irresistible beauty; not to mention it being fun and intelligent!

This was a pleasant poetry book to read and created some of the most magical scenes that literally take your mind to this prepossessing utopian paradise; where the streams of waters flow with pure crystal love right into your poetic heart. His words are genuinely soothing to the mind, well-arranged, expertly formatted, and finely written. Surely, it was a delightful journey of wonder; like a dream that you never want to awake from, where words of love, and spirit of peace, together as one, dwell forevermore, in perpetuity.

We are happy to rate this book 5 Stars and encourage you to get your book today.

Reviewd by: Realistic Poetry International

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About the Author

Mr. Mark Andrew Heathcote has been happily honing his writing skills for many years perfecting his poetry and sharing it on-line, through on-line poetry forums. He feels this book is the next best step in his creative endeavors.

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