Sometimes I Cry – Author Nolan P. Holloway, Jr.


Life as the weather moves to a new season

Summer leaves before saying goodbye

Her warmth and light fades away

Thoughts of sunshine brings rain of tears


My sadness rises and I cry


Uncontrolled and through my humanity

I know my Father wants me to be happy

But the burden of life wears on me

Where I am in this life, disappointments and regrets


So I cry


From deep inside myself

A flood of memories shakes me

Financial handcuffs imprison my dreams

Reaffirming I pray


Faith wipes away tears

Prayer soothes my mind

The Spirit fills and feeds my soul

Again I start to cry


Tears of joy because of blessings received and ones to come


© Nolan P. Holloway, Jr.

Nathan Holloway Book

Excerpt from the book “Journey To The Poetic Light”

Nathan Holloway

About the Author

Nolan P. Holloway, Jr. has been writing poetry since 2011. It was something that just started spontaneously. And the poems continued to flow. In 2012 the first book, “Into My Rotation, A Collection of Scribes” was published. This work is his next project and shows his growth as a poet. He is enjoying this stage of his life and his granddaughters, Brielle and Ari Vaughn.

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