Now Accepting Anthology Submissions: Down The Rabbit Hole

Submitting to independent publishers like Creative Talents Unleashed guarantees your work will remain yours, and we give each writer a fair share of publicity. All the proceeds for our anthologies go into a “starving artist” fund, in order to give new authors a chance at publishing their very own book at little to no cost.

Explore our site and our talented authors. This might just be the opportunity to get your name into the writing world.

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Currently Accepting Submissions for the following Anthologies

Down the Rabbit Hole

Now Accepting Poetry Submissions for our next anthology “Down the Rabbit Hole” Please read the Foreword for Anthology so you understand what types of poetry will fit this publication. Accepting 3 pieces. Please use standard anthology submission guidelines.

Submissions Open From April 9th, 2017 till May 25th, 2017 – NOW OPEN

Down The

As poets what do we write? Are we ever completely free with our pen? Are you caught in a loop of a certain type of poetry or maybe you are experiencing writer’s block?  Here is an excellent opportunity to change up your routine, throw a creative curve-ball, paint with reckless abandon until your ink has filled the page.  Creative Talents Unleashed is providing an opportunity to cut loose and let your pen be creatively free with this “Down the Rabbit Hole” anthology.

Remember those wonderful movies of yesteryear that had that delightful wackiness about them, well let’s get wacky!  Dive down the Rabbit Hole, travel down the Yellow Brick Road, explore the Chocolate Factory, escape to Neverland, eat Green Eggs and Ham for a midnight snack,

Here are some examples of what we are looking for:

Poems based off:

  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Wizard of Oz
  • Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
  • Peter Pan
  • Zeus
  • Poems that make us laugh

Explore your funny wacky humorous side.  Be Captain Jack Sparrow with a pen and let your pen have swagger!  Write poems that end with a twist.  Be devious. Be spontaneous. Be fun!

Creative Director: D.B. Hall

Click Here for Submission Details.

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6 replies

  1. When will we find out if any of our poems were accepted for the Down The Rabbit Hole Anthology?


  2. Thank you Raja.I am excited to be included.


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