Poet of the Month: Mark Andrew Heathcote

Mark May 2017 Poet of the Month

Mark Andrew Heathcote is from Manchester in the UK, living and residing with his partner Elaine and two children. He is the Author of “In Perpetuity” a book of inspirational poems published by a CTU Publishing Group ~ Creative Talents Unleashed.

He is an adult learning difficulties support worker, who began writing poetry at an early age in school. Mark enjoys spending his leisure time off work reading and writing and spending time gardening.

Mark Heathcote

Get To Know Mark

Why is poetry important?

Poetry captures moments of time that otherwise might have been forgotten just as all great art sets out to do.

What prompted you to begin writing poetry?

I’ve always really enjoyed the sound of words put together and their ability to describe just about anything imaginable. I have fallen in love with all forms of art but considered poetry the most challenging and ultimately one of the most rewarding. I always wanted to become an artist but felt strongly drawn to put down my paints and pick up my pen and write poems instead.

How does a poem begin for you, with an idea, a form or an image?

Sometimes it’s an observation of one or many linked things that come together. Things that are mulling around in my head that speaks to me. Sometimes it’s kind of spontaneous and comes complete and then it’s a dash to get it all written down.

What conditions help you with our writing process?

I mostly write late at night when everyone else has gone to bed. I think about my day what has taken place; examine how I’m feeling, what I’m thinking about and like a diarist tries to write a little something about it all or take on some writing prompt or submission call.

Where do you write?

Mostly I write at home whilst lying down on the sofa. But I can write anywhere day or night.

What is the relationship between your speaking voice and your written voice?

My speaking voice is very different to my writing voice as it is less thoughtful and objective in its approach. For me, poetry is an art form an edifice as is all artwork. But one where all these complexities; are seamlessly bridged and cocooned only to emerge as a butterfly.

What makes a good poem?

It has to be something tangible that appeals to all my senses and places me at its epicentre. Something you can taste, bite into and digest that has a core that envelopes you with some sort of emotion that is truly felt within. And is all packaged in a way that is eye-catching and pleasing to read? For me, that’s what make for a good poem.

Mark’s Favorite Poem

Bleary Eyed Beauty

Bleary eyed beauty in aromas, sweet
By tinctures of air on the lilac leaf
Give me not one remote broken heart beat
That’s been crushed of all scents its self-belief.

Be not the pallor of unending grief
Be the hedge rose in rosiness discreet
A warm little dear, where all bees compete
Garden me a blush beneath your kerchief.

So that I might be your one knight’s motif:
I’ll draw a lance that others meet defeat
Yours the world above and below my feet
The moon climbs on aural wings—stays too brief.
Such are the allures of the stars in orbit
My soul’s heart yours, spoken in a sonnet.

© Mark Andrew Heathcote

Mark Heathcote Cover

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Mark heathcote 1

About the Author

Mr. Mark Andrew Heathcote has been happily honing his writing skills for many years perfecting his poetry and sharing it on-line, through on-line poetry forums. He feels this book is the next best step in his creative endeavors.

Visit Mark’s Author Page At:www.ctupublishinggroup.com/mark-andrew-heathcote.html

Available on Kindle At: www.amazon.com/Perpetuity-Mark-Heathcote-ebook/dp/B01J2VW1WM

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2 replies

  1. A very well orchestrated interview. The questions are to the point and covers the desired spectrum very well and Mark’s responses carry his trademark of deep understanding and power of articulation. The poem chosen reflects Mark’s poetic prowess in great measure. I always loved to read his poems posted on the social media and wish In Perpetuity all the success.

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  2. First of all,let me congratulate you for being poet of the month! I find your answers in the interview quite inspiring. I think the question/answer I am most taken in with is ”What prompted you to write…?” Your love for art, poetry… just words themselves … to me feel amazing! As for the poem selected, Bravo! Again, congrats! And by all means, keep inking!


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