Divided Lines


You can fit in everywhere and belong nowhere
all that matters is that you’re comfortable
with yourself everywhere
all the frustrations from society’s constant dictation and moral manipulation the need to keep up with someone else
says that there’s something missing within yourself
yet some sit in discontent
when someone else shows enough confidence
not to always follow the nonsense
those that understand their mentality is part of their individuality
demonstrate what followers love to hate
they understand that everything
the majority likes isn’t so great
we all like some material things
and the temporary joy some of it brings
the problem is some get attached
to so many of the wrong things
looking for a status many times being reckless
just to make someone’s infamous checklist.
There are times when I am rendered speechless
because some people are just ridiculous
when you stop trying to fit in
you stand out from within.

© Veronica ThorntonExcerpt from the book “Divided Lines”


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5 replies

  1. Very nice poem. It speaks very much to me and who I am. Thank you for sharing.


  2. HI Raja…. your book looks awesome… I cant wait to buy it


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