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About the Author

Brenda-Lee Ranta

Brenda-Lee Ranta resides in Timmins, Ontario, Canada. She shares her journey with her life partner who is a drummer, lyricist and emerging poet. She is the mother of three children, two step-children and three grand-children.

Employed with her local police service, she spends her personal time writing songs with her partner, singing, reading, doing yoga, and meditating; however the main focus in her free time is her writing.

Inspired by the great poets, she credits song writers and lyricists for her love of the fluidity of words. She has been greatly influenced by the raw, honest poetry and lyrics of the late, Leonard Cohen. She states as a matter of fact, that she has had a difficult life, which is a catharsis to her form of expression.

She prefers to be less ambiguous in her writing and more direct, while maintaining a lyrical flow in her verse. She holds strong political views, believing in equanimity for all humankind. These views also find their way into her choice of subject matter when writing. She is very sensitive to the emotions and plight of those around her.

A writer for over 51 years of her life, she was first included as a contributor to an Anthology, titled, Imperfect Paths,” published by Creative Talents Unleashed Publishing Group.

She had a lifelong dream full-filled when her first book Myriad of Perceptions was published by CTU Publishing Group in November of 2016.  It attained a five star rating from ‘Readers Favorite,’ which was quite humbling, being her first book.

Ms. Ranta was again included in an Anthology, titled, Poetic Shadows – Ink and the Sword, “published by Creative Talents Unleashed Publishing Group, in February 2017.

“Allegories – A Thirst for Connection” is her second book of prose and poetry.  She is very honoured to share these new writings with her readers.

Brenda-Lee’s Books


Preface . . .   

My mother recently told me, that while looking through old photo albums, she came across a poem I had written at the age of seven.  That was fifty-one years ago.

 A self-proclaimed introvert, throughout my life I have used poetry as a means of journaling, as a catharsis of sorts.

Later, the flow of words became an art form, documenting how I perceived people, events and the world.  It seemed only my blank, white paper, truly understood my emotions.

 Words will wake me in the night, words interrupt me while I work; springing into my head when I least expect their arrival.

 I log these moments.  I log the myriad of my perceptions.

 In love and peace, I share them with you….

Now Available $13.95 plus shipping


Preface . . .

The human experience is said to be existential. True connection to self and others can only be experienced when one truly understands the implications of what it is to be disconnected.  As human beings, we have all experienced a loss of self, a loss of life, a loss of love and the loss of friendships; however, there are those who experience profound losses we do not understand while we are busy living our own lives. Oftentimes, we remain oblivious to the inner pain and struggle of others.  To put ourselves in another souls shoes is the challenge in our evolution to universal peace and understanding.

This book is divided into two sections. The Disconnected contains prose and poetry depicting the pain and incongruity of feeling separate from, shunned, broken or misunderstood. The Connected is verse which lends to the celebration of forgiveness, love, acceptance and unity.

My hope is that we will one day love one another in a true spirit of humanity; embracing that which is diverse in each of us.  Let us be as a bouquet of wild flowers, each different, but collectively breathtaking.

I share my verse with you in a spirit of love and peace.

Brenda-Lee Ranta

Now Available $13.95 plus shipping


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