Sad,Screaming,Syria – Lorraine Graham

Hatred fills up Aleppo sky,

Half the world do not know why,

The other half choose not to see,

Shame on you and me.

Human suffering is burning bright,

It’s not the new born babies fight,

Yet bombs fall upon their heads,

While the world sleeps in their cozy beds.

Beneath the rubble are feeble, faint cries,

People suffocating, saying last goodbyes,

The dying,digging,with bare hands.

Praying for some help, from other lands.

Sadly, millions of us don’t want to know,

Lack of humanity, is what we show,

Let’s all wake up and see the light,

And help these people throughout their plight.

Sign petitions, send aid, don’t turn away,

All religions, for Syria, you could pray,

We are all human beings, after all.

So let’s listen to each other when we call.

 ©  Lorraine Graham

Lorraine About the Author

Lorraine Graham is 54 years old and lives in Plymouth,Devon. Recently prompted to write poems and short stories on humanitarian issues. Mainly by a life changing recent visit to Greece as a volunteer to help the Syrian refugees.

 Although Lorraine is a novice writer she tends to write from her heart about issues we can all relate to. Sad,Screaming,Syria was written by Lorraine to raise awareness of the innocent and vulnerable  that are being targeted in this war. Also to hopefully change some attitudes.

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  1. Amazing Lorraine. X I can say I new you before you were famous.


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