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Creative Talents Unleashed


Creating from scratch, heeding the muse.

Rhyming with words, sonnets kept tight.

Easy flowing into free verse.

Alternating words from the everyday norm.

Trying to be unique, carve out your niche.

Intensity poured into each personal writes.

Version 1 no good, edit again and again.

End and finally it’s done, um no, a poem is never done.


Talent is required to be a poet.

A lot of dedication is needed.

Little bit of dying to self goes a long way.

Everyone is a critic.

Necessary to read, listen and learn.

Though which ones to listen and learn from?

Someone please post a Connect-The-Dots roadmap.


Under duress, feeling the stress?

Need to publish?

Lacking the money?

Every other poet is feeling the same.

Always entering contests pitting your work against others?

Sell your soul for a book contract?

Heed these lines, stay true to yourself now that’s a noble aspiration.

Every one enters this world with nothing but love.

Death knocks and we all leave with nothing but love.


© D.B. Hall 8/14/2015 reworked 5/20/2016

Response to our Inspiration Call on May 20th, 2016


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Photo Credit: © TongRo Images/Corbis

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