Introducing Author Amanda Hoppes “From Midnight To Moonlight”

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 Dedicated to the one person who never gave up on me when she was living and in death watches over me every day – Carol Ann Bernard – I will never forget how you helped me grow to be the person I was meant to be. I love you Mom.

 Also, this poetry book is dedicated to everyone who has felt broken, lost and alone; the ones who couldn’t see the bright side of a situation. It’s so easy to say ‘Don’t Give Up’, but so hard to not give up. I struggle all the time to stay positive, but really it’s okay to have a bad day. As long as you can remember to keep going, you CAN win at this game of life.

 A special thanks goes out to my friend Arielle Hilsenbeck for doing majority of the illustrations and to my daughter Alexus Imbouathong also contributing some illustrations. Without their help my book wouldn’t have been complete. Both are amazing, talented, young ladies who have a bright future ahead of them. Thank you so much!

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