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The moon has remained a subject that intrigues writers, artists, and musicians for decades. It has inspired stories, art, poetry, songs, and much more. According to astrology, the moon the ruler of the tides is also the ruler of our emotions. It is said, that the our feelings and emotions are influecend by the moon. It is no wonder so many creative people have used the moon as their inspiration to create a picture, whether it be through art, words, or song.

Creative Talents Unleashed has published several authors that have been inspired by the moon. Author Maggie Mae was inspired to write poetry about the moon.

Moon and Sun


There is love shining brightly

From his profiled face

She is gazing at him

With a thousand lifetimes of love

238,855 miles between them

Does not cool their love

She feels as if the sun is warming

Her skin from his cool light caress

He feels her loves pull

Even when he cannot see her face

He knows she is always there

Caressing him with her gravity

Love that transcends time and space

She will always hold him

He will always light her way

© Maggie Mae

Excerpt from the book From The Moon To The Sea

maggie-maeAbout the Author

Maggie Mae Carter was raised in Florida and is now living in Southeast Virginia.  She has always been into art and started writing poetry regularly in 2010.  She has recently added photography to her list of creative outlets.

Trying to find peace in this chaotic world by sharing her words and visions, she hopes you will find a piece that speaks to your soul.  From the Moon to the Sea is her first book and she hopes that you will enjoy reading it as much as she did writing it.

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Author Angela M. Bertoli is a mother and grandmother residing in Phoenix, AZ.  After the death of her husband, 3 years ago, she started pouring her grief out on to paper in the form of poems and prose. Her love for writing began as a child with a passion for reading beautiful words.  Being able to put in to words what others are going through helps her readers know they are not alone during their dark times.  Sharing stories and emotions has not only assisted her in coping with rough patches on her path, but have opened dialogues for many others about what they’ve been bottling up inside. She writes of love, joy, hope and loss. Her calling in life has been discovered and she has found peace through ink.

moonlit-thoughtsOn October 30th, 2016 Angela published her first book titled Moonlit Thoughts.

Moonlit Thoughts – Book Description

Time is a thief never to be brought to justice, of which we are all victims trying to let go and move on.

Prose like wishes on stars, resonating through and through you, making you realize a pinprick of hope is all the light you need to find your way, wherever that may be.

Verses that embrace life in all its pain and glory, each sentence a puzzle piece to a beautiful story.

Words that will make you lose time, just talking to the moon.

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Tracy BooksAuthor Tracy Seiden’s second book was also inspired by the moon. On April 16th of 2016, Tracy published Moon Kissed Musings.

The title of this book, Moon Kissed Musings, not only invokes tales of trials and tribulations of the heart but brings a unique perspective to the table. According to Tracy Seiden, love takes an arduous journey through rhyme, free, and blank verse. The compositions of these poems provide manifestations of feelings via thoughts, via words onto paper, a conveyance of ordinary words pulling you into a myriad of emotions. This is prevalent in an excerpt of the piece Second Chances.

“Her thoughts raced through the back roads of her memories kicking up dust and pebbles threatening to crack the windshield in her mind’s eye. Her imagination ran wild, nearly unchecked frolicking through the past, present like some half wild five-year-old in a candy store.”

Seiden’s work portrays a conflict between vulnerability and acceptance placing her within a world of complexities and uncertainties. Vivid pictures are painted throughout to create a literary mosaic.  The reader will gain an understanding of an author that’s baring her soul, yearning for a happy ending and fulfillment.

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 Amanda Hoppes Profile

Author Amanda Hoppes  found inspiration from the moon as well. Here is an excerpt from her book From Midnight To Moonlight published by Creative Talents Unleashed on April 26th, of 2016.


Midnight Moon


It’s no surprise that I have forgotten

how to love someone

I find myself running away when

I start to get too close

Eventually, leaving me crying all alone

and cold like the falling snow


I always use the simplest excuse to not stay

Making the damage too demanding to ignore

I put him down and throw nasty words in his face

Getting myself to question what I love him for


I yearn for the possibility of taking

the words back that I say

I yearn to open myself up

But wishes are what they will stay

and I will continue to keep my distance from love


One of these days, no one else will come around

And my heart will bleed from the open wounds

Gradually, I will keep pushing myself down

and I will vanish like the midnight moon

© Amanda Hoppes

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Have you been creatively inspired by the moon? Share a poem about the moon in the comment section of this post for a chance to be a featured writer on our site.

Simply Me

Ms. Raja Williams, also known as Raja’s Insight, fiercely arrived on the writer’s scene in 2012 after being awakened by a prolific poet, lyricist, songwriter, and music producer whom encouraged her to write daily. After nearly twenty years of pent up words only floating in her own head she began to allow the words to spill out onto empty pages and find way to readers  needing encouraging words.

Through her own publishing process and having connected with so many amazing writers and poets from around the world Raja was moved to create a community for writers; now known as “Creative Talents Unleashed.
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