Introducing “Writing Tips ~ Exploring The Writer’s Path Volume 1”

Writing Tips Volume 1


Do you dream of being a writer? Have you already dabbled with words, but still need some help finding your style on paper? Or are you one of those who have so much to write, but just can’t find the time to get the task done? This book could be your saving grace. Put together by a group of talented writers from the Creative Talents Unleashed family, Writing Tips Vol. 1 is for any level of writer.

I believe everyone can write. If you can carry on a simple conversation, then you are capable of writing. Some just don’t know where to start. You don’t have to be educated or have a degree to be a good writer. Some of the greatest writers in the world didn’t have that opportunity when they started writing. If you’ve written in a journal or a letter, you’re already an author. You just have to find the passion and motivation to write. This book covers a little bit of everything a writer needs from start to finish.

If you are one of the fortunate parents with a student who loves to read and write, there are many guidelines to get a young writer started. From using online resources and social media as a tool, to focusing on the five senses; Writing Tips explores many avenues to keep a teenage mind occupied.

Juggling college and a job takes patience and determination. Both may require some writing skills that you need to hone. There are articles on forms, grammar and how to strengthen your abilities as a writer. Jody Austin breaks down several poetic forms with examples, for those aspiring poets. But you don’t have to be a poet or major in English Literature to enjoy the book. The tips included can be used for everyday tasks like writing a simple letter, a grant proposal or even a class essay.

How many of us are often limited on time because of our responsibilities with our full-time jobs and raising families? There are barely enough hours in the day to take care of ourselves, much less attempt to write. Our authors share some creative ways to utilize your time to write. Whether you are waiting for hours at a doctor’s appointment or suffering from a sleepless night, there are many moments that can be used productively to put some words on paper.

For those who have lived a full life, enjoying retirement, and finally escaped the chaos of a crowded city, there are quite a few writing tips for you if you have decided to journal your experiences. You now have to time to “Write a Little Every Day” as Laura Clark suggests. You have more of an opportunity to observe people and nature around you. Solitude is a most helpful writing tool, and this is your chance to use it for your benefit.

If writing is just a fun hobby or maybe just your therapy, there are many key points to aid you. For writers who just enjoy it, there are some tips for thinking outside the box, to experiment with styles never tried before. For those using it to de-stress, our authors share their methods using writing to reach out to others who may be suffering in the same way. If you are ready to share your work with others, Raja Williams delves into where to submit and offers some valuable publishing tips.

Whether you are just a lover of literature or want to take your writing to the next step, Writing Tips will be an informative and delightful read. This book will fit perfectly in a classroom, use it as a coffee table book to create a few conversations, or give it to friend who is struggling with their writing. It was written by writers who enjoy their craft, with the hope of motivating and inspiring others to enjoy the art of writing.

Donna J. Sanders – Author, Ataraxia, Cardboard Signs

Contributing Authors:

Donna J. Sanders

Jody Austin

Laura Marie Clark

Raja Williams


100% of ALL Proceeds are being donated to our Starving Artist Fund!

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  1. Introducing “Writing Tips Volume 1” – Let it come from the heart
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