Love Story – Author Mahinour Tawfik

Divided Lines

At first it was thought true love doesn’t exist
But in front of true love, the hearts cannot resist
The day they met their lives have begun
Every moment they lived before, was gone
The first real smile on their faces was drawn
Real happiness in their heart has grown

They tried too much to hide
The love the passion they hold deep inside
Words weren’t said but their eyes did reveal
the love the passion their hearts would always feel

He was everything she has ever longed for
She gave him true love he has never felt before
One day he surprised her and so loudly he confessed
That his heart and soul only she possessed

She promised to stay forever by his side
Make him happy warm and satisfied
He promised to hold on to her and never let go
In happiness forever they shall grow

In his arms she could feel so safe and secure
From all his pain she was his cure
Through her blindness he was her sight
Through his darkness she was his light

They lived in bliss joy and laughter
They lived in happiness every moment ever after

© Mahinour Tawfik

Excerpt from our book “Love, A Four Letter Word”

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