Writing Tip: Promote, Promote, Promote.

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Promote your book and most importantly, promote yourself. Publishers and publicists can and will only do so much. Share parts of your book, share your book on social media, have a book giveaway, create an email list, start a blog, submit your book into contests like the one I just entered, to have your book made into a tv show or movie. The main thing is, to stay active. Go out and plan to conquer the book world. That’s the only way you will sell books.

Written by: Adam Levon Brown

Adam Levon Brown is a English Literature student currently attending the University of Oregon. He plans on getting his master’s degree and teaching college English courses. Adam has been writing for six months, both poetry and fiction and just released his first poetry book “Musings of a Madman”
Please Visit: http://www.ctupublishinggroup.com/adam-levon-brown-.html



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