Writing Tip: Marketing Yourself – Don’t Leave Out Important Information

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I was recently chatting with an author whom compared his marketing techniques as being just the same or better than that of another author whom was seeing more success. The author I was speaking with felt that his work was just as good, and he worked just as hard at presenting himself so he was questioning why the other author was seeing more success. Why was the other author receiving more likes, comments, shares, and sales he asked? Stating that he shares and promotes his work regularly, he engages with his commenters, and tells people about his book. I was silent for a moment, as I was mentally processing and evaluating both authors marketing techniques and approaches.

In my moment of silence the author said “My writing isn’t good is it? Just be honest, tell me!” It wasn’t that his work was not good, in fact; he is an amazing writer. Both authors, presented wonderful books that deserve to be read by the masses. Since he was asking for the feedback, I assured him I adored his writing; which I do, and that I wanted to give honest feedback and to do that I would review his marketing techniques, and that of the compared author and get back to him the following day with some critique and feedback.

Here is what I found. Both authors shared at least twice a week a piece from their book on their main social media pages. Both authors are also sharing their work in writing groups found on facebook. Both authors were sharing reviews, pictures, or sales info at least once a week on facebook and twitter. Both authors are utilizing different platforms such as community forums like “A Shared Format 4 Poets” or sites like Goodreads, using different sales techniques on a regular basis.

So what set these equally talented poets apart?



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We are living in a time where information is at our fingertips. Everything is just one click away. In this fast paced time we reside in, if you have not provided all the details, you are forgotten as fast as you were read. If your link is not clickable and present in the post, chances are your reader just moved on. We are curious, spontaneous people, and if there is more info presented to us in that moment of reading we are more inclined to “Click” for further information.

The author asked why I’m not capturing sales, likes, comments and shares, when he worked just as hard as other authors? Through observing his marketing techniques I found he was not providing the information the reader needed to take it to the next level.

Was he marketing himself?

Yes, he was.

But he was half-ass marketing himself, leaving out the most important part of the post; the link to get more information.

Here is an example of the marketing difference:

Facebook Author Post: (Questioning Author) Family and Supporters – My poetry book is available free this weekend, you can find it by the title on amazon.com Thank you for the support.

Note: No Link Provided, No Title of Book Provided. The author is asking you to go to amazon and search for the book if you really want it.

Facebook Author Post: (Compared Author) To say thank you for all the love and support of my poetry you have shown me, I am giving away by book free this weekend. Please take me up on my free offer and download your copy today. Thank you. * Link Attached to post.

Note: The link and picture of his book is clearly shown and is one “Click” away from the reader downloading. He not only thanks his readers but asks them to please take him up on his free offer.



Far too often great writers share their work but fail to give the reader the option to look further at their work and possibly purchase it. As stated previously, we as people will look at more info if it is already provided to us. But if we have to go search for it, and we don’t have good enough reason to go searching, we simply move on to the next thing we want to look at, therefore good authors are missing out on selling their books for the lack of information they provide in original post.

If you are asking your readers to check out your new website, there has to be a “Clickable” link within the post, or you are wasting your time and effort.

If you are promoting a new book, you have to have a “Clickable” link within the post or you are losing possible sales.

What most writers don’t realize is, the moment that you decided to become a published author, you became an entrepreneur, and it’s now your job to represent yourself. So make sure that you don’t half-ass market yourself and take full advantage of technology, and offer smooth, professional, “Clickable” marketing campaigns.

Just Remember . . . Your Author Journey Lays In Your Own Hands! Make sure you are providing all the necessary information to market yourself efficiently.

Written By: Raja Williams

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Through her own publishing process and having connected with so many amazing writers and poets from around the world Raja was moved to create a community for writers; now known as “Creative Talents Unleashed.

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  1. Great article. I see this mistake a lot in my twitter feeds. The other thing that gets to me is seeing the same book cover image over and over with no explanation as to why I should care. Anyway, thanks again for the advice. 🙂


  2. I can understand why they aren’t good at it. I hate marketing. Especially on social media. If I could wave a magic wand and have an online presence with tons of adoring fans instead of spending hours trying to get my voice out there… I would do it in a heart beat!


    • I, and so many others can relate. Marketing can be a real drag . . . but if you have published a book and do not have the finances to implore a marketing team to do the work for you, then you are forced to become a marketer if you want people to read and purchase your work.

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  1. This year, make your opinion heard, it’s very valuable | jean's writing

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